April 30, 2019

Team Building

Team Building for Tucson Businesses

Team Building – are you creating a fun and interactive environment for your team to grow together outside of the office? One of the biggest aspects of maintaining a successful team is making sure the team is happy and that they have opportunities to grow together.  What better way to accomplish this than with Axe Throwing & an Escape Room?  

Why is this a great team building experience?

These interactive and fun experiences offer a way to get your employees together outside of the office and work on a common goal together – escaping & sticking bullseyes!  While inside the escape room, you will be surprised at how team members show different talents like leadership and problem-solving skills, that they may not regularly show in an office setting.  Axe Throwing offers a great way for some friendly competition as well as a fun way to exercise!

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See how your team stacks up against other teams at both Axe Throwing and Xscape House!

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